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Welcome to the Veteran Support Services, Inc
Many veterans are denied help and/or do not know how to get help with their immediate safety & psychological needs – your donation can help change that.

your donation can help change that.

Far too many Veterans are homeless in America -- between 40,000 on any given night - representing between one-fourth and one-fifth of all homeless people. Three times that many veterans are struggling with excessive rent burdens and, thus at increased risk of homelessness. The effects of such experiences have been very devastating as they range from sadness, anxiety, and fear, to even suicide.


With your support and generous donation to Veteran Support Services, Inc., you’re helping us to build a community dedicated to providing much needed services and assistance to veterans and helping them establish independence and self-worth. Your donation directly affects the lives of veterans in our community!


To empower veterans along their journey to self-sufficiency and to help regain a normal life will require more than the pity they are offered. That is why we created Veteran Support Services, Inc. We provide the victims of such experience with every resource available to ensure that they are able to lead the great life that they deserve.

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Mail in donations to:
2847 Veterans Memorial Hwy
Suite 400
Austell, GA 30168
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