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Welcome to the Veteran Support Services, Inc

About Veteran Support Services:

We bring hope and healing to our veteran community. We provide services from veteran’s disability compensation, veteran’s homeless outreach, and community recovery resources, to assisting with VA eBenefit/ registrations & claims.

We want to help you succeed!

We promise to help underrated Veterans get the VA benefits they legally, morally, ethically, and medically deserve by law and offer incredible services, such as:

  • Providing assistance and information about services, programs, and other help that is available for homeless veterans;

  • Assisting disabled veterans with filing disability claims through VA;

  • Helping acquire and distribute food to those who seek aid;

  • Veteran compensation assistance;

  • Peer-to-Peer Recovery Services;

  • Providing companionship;

  • Harm reduction/Narcan training;

  • PTSD Support Group;

And so much more!

In addition to support from our volunteers and donors , we are partnering with incredible organizations (like the Veteran Empowerment Organization and The Never Alone Clubhouse) to ensure veterans receive the best possible services whenever and wherever they need them.

need help with substance abuse?

Peer Recovery / Substance Use Disorder Service
VSSI peer coaching service includes the following:
  • Advocate for recovery for themselves, the peers with whom they work, and their recovery community;

  • Conduct group and individual recovery check-ins by supporting peers in self-directed care and assessing a peer’s ‘recovery capital’ using Motivational Interviewing;

  • Advocacy presentations and individual discussions

Understanding people giving support to depressed crying african woman at group psychologic
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