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Hello, I'm Thaddeus Rollins, Director of Veterans Services Support!

I proudly served as a Navy Chief for 21 years, dedicating myself to our country's service. Following my military career, I spent 16 years as a CDC Federal Contracting Officer and 7 years as a Private Security Operations Manager. But my journey doesn't stop there—I hold Master's Degrees in both Public Administration & Business Administration. In addition, I am a Certified Addiction and Recovery Empowerment Specialist.


My life has been shaped by 28 years of personal recovery, which inspired the creation of Veteran Support Services. My love for helping veterans and individuals grappling with substance use disorder led me here. Through my own experiences, education, and specialized training, I'm equipped with the skills and empathy to provide robust support to veterans and those navigating substance use disorder recovery.

My vision for Veteran Support Services is clear: "We will be at the forefront of improving the lives of our veterans and the recovery communities."

Join me in this mission of support and empowerment. Together, let's make a difference in the lives of those who've served and those seeking recovery.

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